How to chose a dissertation topic?

What does the dissertation begin with? Of course – from the choice of a topic.

However, this choice  is not such an easy task, as it may seem at first sight. When choosing a topic, try to choose not too broad, but not too narrow themes. Find the balance.

  • Follow three principles of choosing:

Find a topic that interests you. Not only in the context of university research, but also as a personal interest. If you choose something that is not interesting for you, than your work on the dissertation will be a real hell.

Try to find a topic that is relatively new and not thoroughly investigated yet.

Think about approachability of the resources. Are you able to find the great amount of information on your object? Of course, the novelty is great, but it will make the process of writing a little bit more complicated.

  • Take three steps while searching the topic:

Think of a great amount of ideas, make a list! Give yourself a space for reflection!

Prove yourself: ask yourself a question on each topic – which one of them do you know preferably?

Improve ideas: deepen selected topics. Explore them, look for pros and cons. Complete for two – follow the same steps and select one of them.

If the choice of the topic for the dissertation is a great difficulty for you – don’t be frustrated!

Today there are many essay writer services and sites where you can find a huge lists offering  different ideas for any area!


First and foremost, let’s figure out what dissertation is. Dissertation is a research work in a certain field, which demonstrates the writer’s ability to conduct scientific research on his own and put it into practice. Dissertation is necessary for obtaining a scientific degree.

There are three main types of dissertations:

  • Master’s dissertation
  • Candidate’s dissertation
  • Doctoral dissertation

Let us take a closer look at each one of them.

Master’s dissertation is a scientific work on the way from Diploma research to Candidate’s thesis, it is also considered to be the easiest one. In the case of its successful defense, the writer obtains Master’s degree. It is often based on the Diploma research and logically continues it, but with a more scientific approach. Well-written and defended on a decent standard Master’s dissertation proves the writer’s ability to conduct scientific research.

Candidate’s dissertation or thesis is more complicated and profound scientific research compared to Master’s dissertation which demands a serious scientific approach. The author of this work offers a new approach towards a certain matter in the selected field. This new approach has to be proven not only theoretically but experimentally, as well. Thus, this approach actually substantiates to be working and solving the problem.

Doctoral dissertation is the least common type of dissertation. It takes up too much time and effort. Its results cover an extensive field of human activity. The authors are obliged to examine large amount of reference material. Doctoral dissertation is some kind of challenge in the scientific field that requires skills to carry out scientific research at the top-level.

Writing a dissertation is a long and time-consuming process which takes up several years. People who write dissertations are not students; they are adults with many troubles. If you want to avoid having nervous breakdowns, stress and emotional exhaustion, it is advisable not to procrastinate and find time even in a very tight working schedule. That’s why it is vitally important to find a middle ground.  

School composition

First and foremost, let us figure out what a school composition or essay is. So, composition is a creative work written by students on a given topic. Students write a lot of essays at school both in native and foreign languages. The skills needed for writing them are the same.

Students learn to write different types of compositions at school which are as follows:

  • Compositions can be written based on own experience, a recent excursion, a book or any other impressions.
  • Compositions can be individual or group. The group type of compositions is often written by young students who find it difficult to collects ideas and thoughts on their own.
  • There are narrative, descriptive and reasoning compositions. The first one is the easiest for students. The second one demands some complicated skills like being observant. Finally, the last type of composition is written in high school for such compositions often require personal judgments and assessments.
  • According to style compositions may be: scientific, feature and documentary. The style is selected according to the genre and the theme.

Composition demands.

School composition is a crucial part of schooling. That’s why there are some defined requirements to writing compositions including:

  • Being able to comprehend facts
  • The ability to observe, select and find necessary information
  • Being literate
  • Stick to the plan
  • Pay attention to punctuation and spelling
  • Present thoughts and ideas clearly

There are four main tips for writing school essay successfully:

  • Define the idea which is going to be developed in the essay
  • Follow the essay structure
  • Be persuasive
  • Give content

If you want to become good at writing school compositions, all you have to do is be attentive, avoid plagiarism, make a plan and follow it and remember about the essay structure (introduction, main body and conclusion). Writing essays isn’t only a very important stage of schooling but it is also helpful for personal growth. Students learn to stand their ground, prove their point of view and persuade other people.  Before writing a composition, students have to be taught to think independently. Thus, it won’t be a problem for them to present their thoughts appropriately.


Before looking into the details, let’s discover what is dissertation by itself?

It is a written essay  by a candidate for the degree of a doctor of Philosophy. It is a document  for a degree or professional qualification representing author’s researches and conclusions.

When beginning a dissertation, you must first select an object of researches. The definition  says that dissertation is an expanded and detailed description of the researching object. Besides main three parts(introduction, body, conclusion), this kind of paper writing involves the format of the debates – namely, taking into account different points of view and ideas on this topic.

Another definition suggests that the dissertation is a writing, based on an original, own researches. This will determine the personal knowing  of the subject, as well as knowledge of scholar methods.

The dissertation shows the candidate’s  level of knowledge in relation to the theme he or she has chosen, his ability to work with scientific facts and with different points of view.

It should be noted that the meaning  “original” research does not mean something absolutely  new, which haven’t exist yet. It means presenting the topic from your own point of view.

The  process of creating  this type of assessment allows  you to:

  • Find your main direction  of interest.
  • Discover it more deeply.
  • Gain experience in finding and processing information
  • Run the project from start to finish
  • Improve your communication, information retrieval and intellectual characteristics.

Report at the university

What is a university report? Why  students have to write this task and what benefits it will bring them?

First of all, the report is a special writing devoted to the specific topic, aimed at a specific audience and has a clear structure. The main claim of a report is to disclose a specific topic following all the  guidelines.

The benefit of doing such work is obvious – it develops your ability to work with information, process it and summarize it. Such skills will be highly valued in future .

The structure

  • Title

Here you have to describe the main information briefly. The purpose of the work, your name, date and so on should be placed on the title page.

  • Audience and aims

Here you have to explain for whom this work was written – in other words you have to describe your audience. Then a reason of writing this report should be noted. Also, you have to specify how did you write it – scilicet methods.

  • Summary

In summary you should describe the main points of your writing. You have to note the aims, researched problems . You need to understand that with the summary your potential reader will have the opportunity to overview the content of your report.

  • Content list

Here the list of chapters and headlines with the page numbers should be placed.

  • Introduction

You need to introduce the object of your work clearly. The reader want to identify the main topic of the report, so you must help with it. The sources and methods should be mentioned too. Also you may use a background story.

  • Results and conclusion

It is an expanded version of summary. But the difference is that in this part you have to explain all your experiments and researches, including the results of this activity. Also, a discussion of your results may take place in your writing, but it is optional.