Each scientific or creative writing has its own structure. And this structure is exists for both composition of the work itself, and the rules of its writing.

Such rules exist for reports too.

And here they are:

First step: Understanding.

Make sure you understand the topic well. You described it expanded, and now try to tell in a few words. This is important because it demonstrates your deep understanding and study of the chosen topic.

Step Two: Finding Information.

Of course, you know a bit about the object of your research, but one way or another, you are compelled to read and learn other sources. You may read several articles or books about the subject of your report. The main thing is to navigate the subject well and choose the relevant literature.

Step Three: Organization.

After collecting all the necessary materials, you must correctly place it in your report. Find the reference points and the link between them. Organize the material following the principle “beginning – problem – solution – conclusion”. It should be remembered that the structure should be clear and obvious to the potential reader.

Step Four: Analysis.

Review your report again. Are all the arguments given and posted correctly? Don’t they contradict each other? Remember that you need not only to represent the information, but also comprehend it and bring it to readers.

Step Five: Editing.

It is important to take a day-off, and then look at your writing on a fresh eye. You will see your work in a different angle. Imagine being a reader. Do you understand the main theme? Maybe, there are too many extra sentences or definitions? Ask yourself these questions, and if the answers are positive – correct it. Yes, it will take much longer, but the result will be worth it.

Step six: Feedback.

After presenting your work, start a dialogue with your audience or tutors. Find out if they have questions, whether everything was clear and exhaustive, and are they have any comments. Do not be afraid of criticism, it may be useful. You can use it to improve your future reports and improve your weaknesses.