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School composition

First and foremost, let us figure out what a school composition or essay is. So, composition is a creative work written by students on a given topic. Students write a lot of essays at school both in native and foreign languages. The skills needed for writing them are the same.

Students learn to write different types of compositions at school which are as follows:

  • Compositions can be written based on own experience, a recent excursion, a book or any other impressions.
  • Compositions can be individual or group. The group type of compositions is often written by young students who find it difficult to collects ideas and thoughts on their own.
  • There are narrative, descriptive and reasoning compositions. The first one is the easiest for students. The second one demands some complicated skills like being observant. Finally, the last type of composition is written in high school for such compositions often require personal judgments and assessments.
  • According to style compositions may be: scientific, feature and documentary. The style is selected according to the genre and the theme.

Composition demands.

School composition is a crucial part of schooling. That’s why there are some defined requirements to writing compositions including:

  • Being able to comprehend facts
  • The ability to observe, select and find necessary information
  • Being literate
  • Stick to the plan
  • Pay attention to punctuation and spelling
  • Present thoughts and ideas clearly

There are four main tips for writing school essay successfully:

  • Define the idea which is going to be developed in the essay
  • Follow the essay structure
  • Be persuasive
  • Give content

If you want to become good at writing school compositions, all you have to do is be attentive, avoid plagiarism, make a plan and follow it and remember about the essay structure (introduction, main body and conclusion). Writing essays isn’t only a very important stage of schooling but it is also helpful for personal growth. Students learn to stand their ground, prove their point of view and persuade other people.  Before writing a composition, students have to be taught to think independently. Thus, it won’t be a problem for them to present their thoughts appropriately.