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First and foremost, let’s figure out what dissertation is. Dissertation is a research work in a certain field, which demonstrates the writer’s ability to conduct scientific research on his own and put it into practice. Dissertation is necessary for obtaining a scientific degree.

There are three main types of dissertations:

  • Master’s dissertation
  • Candidate’s dissertation
  • Doctoral dissertation

Let us take a closer look at each one of them.

Master’s dissertation is a scientific work on the way from Diploma research to Candidate’s thesis, it is also considered to be the easiest one. In the case of its successful defense, the writer obtains Master’s degree. It is often based on the Diploma research and logically continues it, but with a more scientific approach. Well-written and defended on a decent standard Master’s dissertation proves the writer’s ability to conduct scientific research.

Candidate’s dissertation or thesis is more complicated and profound scientific research compared to Master’s dissertation which demands a serious scientific approach. The author of this work offers a new approach towards a certain matter in the selected field. This new approach has to be proven not only theoretically but experimentally, as well. Thus, this approach actually substantiates to be working and solving the problem.

Doctoral dissertation is the least common type of dissertation. It takes up too much time and effort. Its results cover an extensive field of human activity. The authors are obliged to examine large amount of reference material. Doctoral dissertation is some kind of challenge in the scientific field that requires skills to carry out scientific research at the top-level.

Writing a dissertation is a long and time-consuming process which takes up several years. People who write dissertations are not students; they are adults with many troubles. If you want to avoid having nervous breakdowns, stress and emotional exhaustion, it is advisable not to procrastinate and find time even in a very tight working schedule. That’s why it is vitally important to find a middle ground.