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Before looking into the details, let’s discover what is dissertation by itself?

It is a written essay  by a candidate for the degree of a doctor of Philosophy. It is a document  for a degree or professional qualification representing author’s researches and conclusions.

When beginning a dissertation, you must first select an object of researches. The definition  says that dissertation is an expanded and detailed description of the researching object. Besides main three parts(introduction, body, conclusion), this kind of paper writing involves the format of the debates – namely, taking into account different points of view and ideas on this topic.

Another definition suggests that the dissertation is a writing, based on an original, own researches. This will determine the personal knowing  of the subject, as well as knowledge of scholar methods.

The dissertation shows the candidate’s  level of knowledge in relation to the theme he or she has chosen, his ability to work with scientific facts and with different points of view.

It should be noted that the meaning  “original” research does not mean something absolutely  new, which haven’t exist yet. It means presenting the topic from your own point of view.

The  process of creating  this type of assessment allows  you to:

  • Find your main direction  of interest.
  • Discover it more deeply.
  • Gain experience in finding and processing information
  • Run the project from start to finish
  • Improve your communication, information retrieval and intellectual characteristics.