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One of the most popular tasks for scholars is composition writing. And the writing instructions that children receive are usually not very effective.

However, this can be fixed.

In general, the school essay writing is divided into four main parts:

  • Beginning – the description of the situation and its heroes. A peculiar familiarity with the actors of a story and a certain situation.
  • Conflict – it is a skeleton of the story. Here the main heroes have to face a certain problem an try to solve it.
  • Resolve – In this part the actors have to reach consensus and solve the problem.
  • Conclusion – the end of the story, the coverage of its morals and the main (often edifying) idea.

Any story must first be planned. All details must be thought over.

The following tips may be helpful for pupils:

-It’s a good idea to arrange a certain brainstorming session – write down all the ideas for the plot, which just come to mind. In the end, it will be able to choose one thing.

-Then you should think carefully about the problem, and most importantly – on its conclusion and edifying element.

-It is also necessary to determine from which person the narrative will be conducted (first, second, third) Often, students have difficulties with this – they start writing a work from a third person, and try to go to the first in the end, so do not worth it, because it may confuse both the reader and the author .

If taking into account these tips, the only thing left to write a good work is a grammar and spelling checkup. So, write them down and good luck in writing composition to your little writers!