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If you still believe that an essay is a monotonous work, now you must be sure of the opposite. In fact, writing an essay is a huge space for your fantasy! Today, there are over dozen types of essays, according to different requirements and academic levels.

Let’s start with the four main types most commonly found in schools and universities.

  • Descriptive essay – obviously, its aim is to describe something – objects, people, place etc. The aim is also a detailed studying of the subject, its analysis and definition of main characteristics. When writing a descriptive essay, you should focus on options such as taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight.
  • Definition essay. Its goal – to provide a specific definition of the object of your work, but not only one. You need to analyze the definitions from several sources, provide an alternative definition, and define the object by yourself.
  • Essay-comparison. This essay describes two subjects, people, places, events, or anything else. And the main goal – the comparison. You must find the common features and differences between the two objects and describe it in detail. Some students focus on one subject, but it is better to pay attention to both points, it will make your work more balanced.
  • Persuasive or argumentative essay. Here the main goal is to convince the reader to agree with you – and there are certain techniques for writing such work. In argumentative essay you simply give clear arguments about a particular object, but you do not have to convince an audience.
  • Narrative essay. One more type, which aims to briefly narrate a short, often edifying story. This type is assigned for middle school students.
  • Reflective essay. It is the simplest type, since it actually doesn’t have the rules of writing – here your fantasy is free! The simplest example of such writing – a story about your family, your hobby, a trip or holidays. This task is also intended for scholars of middle school.
  • Critical essay. The main purpose of this type of writing is to draw attention to the researched object, identify its weak and strong features. People who write reviews on books, movies, music, and so on can be recognized as critical essays writers.

After exploring the number of essay types, determine which one is the most striking for you and start working! And if you are having trouble, turn to the essay writing services that will gladly solve your problems:

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